Contract Pilot

Being hired to fly you in your airplane or flying with you as your copilot for crew support

Time Building

Flying with you in your airplane or our airplane to help you build time, so that you can make yourself more marketable to be hired

Flight Reviews

Flying with you in your airplane or our airplane for your annual flight review as required per FAR 61.56

Instrument Proficiency Checks

Flying with you in your airplane or our airplane to conduct a IPC per FAR 61.57D

Instrument Confidence Building

Filing and flying IFR with you in your plane or our airplane for the purpose of building up your time, flying on instruments with the support of a CFII with you.

Tailwheel Endorsements/Instruction

Flying in a tailwheel aircraft for the purpose of becoming proficient in operating a tailwheel aircraft.

Spin Training

Flying in an aircraft as a CFI candidate or a pilot in general to become proficient at spin awareness and spin recovery techniques.

Gender Reveals

Flying over an area at a safe altitude at a predetermined time with a color-coded biodegradable cloud of powder released from the aircraft to reveal your baby’s gender.

Real Estate Survey

For those looking to survey a potential area to build or buy, this will give you a great overview of the area!

Sunrise, Sunset/Romance Flights

A great way to start or end your day with a flight to watch the sun rise or set from a view few people get to see!

Anniversary Flight, Marriage Proposals

Celebrate your anniversary or surprise your Fiancé in an unforgettable way with a flight around the local area.

Memorial Flight

A final flight for your loved one that concludes with the releasing of cremated remains.


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