At Primary Flight Control, your personalized and thorough flight training is our mission! We pride ourselves on customer service and we never forget that not only are you a student, but you are also a client. Your instruction will be custom-made to your level of experience whether you are a former pilot or someone who has never even flown in an aircraft.

You will benefit from reduced training costs due to our location and training at non-busy airports, however, we are only minutes away from Gainesville class D and Jacksonville International class C airports where you will gain the knowledge needed to navigate busy airspace and airports.

You will train at your own pace with an emphasis on getting the basics of flight down to where you’re flying, navigating and landing just as good as your instructor. You will know all the Who, What, How, Why and When of Aviation!

Some of the subjects covered but not limited to are Weather, Aerodynamics, Engines, Supporting systems, Navigation both day and night and Flight with reference to Instruments. At the completion of your training, you will know how to handle all emergencies like, electrical and engine failures, radio failures and yes, even being lost. You will know how to land and take off from short fields, navigate complicated airspace using all navigation tools available, including pilotage using landmarks without the help of a GPS.

We understand that this is a serious investment in time, effort, and money. We have been in the same place you are and we will work hard to make sure you get your money’s worth and get it right. That is why we have a check ride guarantee. Pass your FAA private pilot test on the first attempt or we will provide additional training for any discrepancies at no cost.

If you are interested in learning to fly with us, please fill out our student registration form. Thank you for stopping by!


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